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Foreign Direct Investments Advisory Overview

The Malaysian economy has made a gargantuan leap since 1957. The transformation of the country’s economy from one based on primary commodities like tin, rubber and palm oil to a dynamic and vibrant industrializing nation is attributed to a variety of pull factors. Malaysia’s
political and economic stability, prudent and pragmatic investor friendly policies, cost- productive workforce, a developed infrastructure comparable to that of any developed country and a host of other amenities make this country an enticing place for investors.

Multinational corporations (MNCs) from more than 40 countries have invested in over 5,000 companies in Malaysia’s manufacturing and related services sectors, encouraged by the country’s pro-business environment. Malaysia today is one of the world’s top locations for Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) of offshore manufacturing and service-based operations.
Many of the existing MNCs have also continued to show their confidence in the country’s potentials as an investment location through their numerous expansions and diversifications over the years, particularly in high technology, knowledge-based and capital-intensive projects.

FDIs will continue to assume an important role in Malaysia economic growth and development. FDIs contribute towards the growth of Malaysia Gross Domestic Product (GDP), capital formation, export earnings, employment, technology development and other economic benefits.

How K-Konsult can help?

The complex decision-making process involved in undertaking foreign operations requires an intimate knowledge of a country’s commercial climate, along with a realization that the market is constantly evolving.

K-Konsult Group, a leader in professional services, understands the business issues that are important to FDIs. With extensive business knowledge and hands-on industry experience, we can implement a broad array of solutions to help FDIs capture growth, improve financial performance and manage risk.

K-Konsult provides the most feasible solutions in relation to the feasibility study on your investments, ownership structure, the investing jurisdiction etc. Awareness of the needs of the FDIs and contemporary knowledge of the latest regulations in a wide array of jurisdictions ensure that we play a huge role in ensuring tax minimization for our clients.

We offer a comprehensive range of services such as:

Investment Structuring
This includes advisory services ranging from defining the ownership structure, the appropriate investing jurisdiction, the most suitable investment vehicle, comparative jurisdictional studies, analysis of tax incentives, etc.

Transaction Advisory
The overall objective is to ensure tax minimization and maximization of tax incentives. Examination of the varied tax implications and offering a structured solution is our forte.

Registration with Regulatory Authorities
We also offer services relating to registrations or approvals with various Malaysian regulatory authorities.

Regulatory and Compliance Related Services
Registration with the relevant authorities or obtaining approvals is just one of the services offered by us. In addition our range of regulatory services includes advice on tax issues, exchange control laws and other regulations, which are of concern to FDIs.