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Risk Management & Regulatory Advisory

In today’ business environment, the penalties for failing to meet regulatory standards have never been greater. Whether you are one of the highly regulated industries or not, they often drive the way you do business.

Non-compliance or lack of compliance has resulted in high profile scandal, tarnish your reputation, cause your profits to plummet and negatively affect many organizations.

Now, more than ever, it is vital to operate effective compliance programme and internal systems of supervision.

K-Konsult helps organizations to understand, analyze and implement solutions that afford them a sufficient comfort level with the appropriateness of their compliance and risk mitigation efforts. We advise organizations with implementation of the governance, risk and compliance related issues.

Our services include:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management

Risk Management

Most organizations manage risk especially well in one area, only to find that problems strike in another. That’s why risk must be considered an enterprise-wide issue with strategic, financial, operational and systems-related implications.

Risk assessment not only allows for the sourcing, identification and measurement of key business risks, it positions an organization to master its risks and eventually create value.

The main risk assessment activities often include risk awareness sessions, risk questionnaires, interviews and facilitated risk workshops. Our proven risk assessment and approach methodology, combined with our frameworks and substantial risk assessment experience will help you embed risk management throughout the entire organization.

K-Konsult helps you identify, assess and proactively manage the risks that threaten your organisation’s vision and mission. Below are just a few of the areas where our experienced risk management professionals can provide you:

Strategic view of risk with better positioning to take specific risks that represent business opportunities

  • Awareness of what could go wrong in all aspects of the business, from strategic goals to business risks, earnings, financing and stakeholder value
  • Established methodologies for Risk Assessment, Risk Measurement and Reporting
  • Way to report to stakeholders on the spectrum of risks facing the organization and how the risks being managed
  • Knowledge transfer with help implementing risk management structures and programs