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Financing Solutions

K-Konsult knows the credit and equity community and various forms of business funding, soft loan, grants and incentives very well.

We assist clients obtain the maximum effect from the business funding, grants and incentives while minimizing the time and effort involved for our clients.

Before we give advice and make recommendations, our consultants listen carefully to our client; needs, business plans, business objectives and timelines. At the same time, our consultants will also help clients in assessing their eligibility for financing especially grants and incentives. Working with management, we validate the business model to ensure that proper financing vehicles are utilized.

K-Konsult is specialized in assisting with the application of:

  • Grants Solutions
  • Incentives Solutions
  • Soft Loans
  • Funding from Financial Institution

K-Konsult’s team has been a prominent advisor on grants, incentives and soft loans for several years now. Our team focuses on:

  • Assisting in translating incoming ideas and opportunities into concrete project proposals and plans.
  • Making procedures used by the client to select and apply for grants, incentives and soft loan more efficient.
  • Monitoring and timely identify projects that qualify and initiating the corresponding procedures for application.
  • Arranging for internal and external communication throughout the application process.