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Tax Incentives

Our Government has been generous in giving a great number of tax incentives to the taxpayers. An abundance of tax incentives provides taxpayers with many choices, sometimes uncertainties about the incentives appropriate for the taxpayers.  We can help you to understand, identify and apply for the right tax incentives to maximize tax benefits in cost-effective approach.  We offer advice and assistance in the application of tax incentives including the following:

  • Manufacturing sector
  • Trading sector
  • Agricultural sector
  • Tourism sector
  • Research and development ( R&D ) sector
  • Education and Healthcare sector
  • Communications, utilities and transportation sector
  • Green technology sector
  • High technology and multimedia sector
  • Service sector
  • Waste recycling sector
  • Real estate investment sector
  • Biotechnology sector
  • Property development sector
  • Other sectors

Main incentives available are:

  • Pioneer Status (PS)
  • Investment Tax Allowance (ITA)
  • Income Tax Exemption
  • Reinvestment Allowance (RA)
  • Export Incentives
  • Promotion of export
  • Accelerated Capital Allowance
  • Double Deduction
  • Group Relief
  • Tax incentives relating to promoting Industry 4.0
  • Tax Incentives for companies relocating their operations to Malaysia and undertaking new investments